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Here’s a little more about the ranch and about us…….

The RanchA place of importance.  The ranch is where Elvis could escape from being ‘Elvis Presley’ for a short while.  It is where he spent time with friends and family enjoying his love of horses and the outdoors in fact the place was so special to him that he spent a portion of his honeymoon there.  It is a significant piece of his story, a place that was important to him at a time in his life that was full of change – a newly married man, expectant father and an entertainer at a vital crossroads in his career.

This picture is taken as you walk towards the lake and the cross


It’s not hard to see why Elvis loved the ranch so much.

 Our Aims and Objectives.   Our Vision For The Ranch is to see it open as an attraction for Elvis fans and non-fans alike.  Our aims and objectives are to sympathetically and tastefully restore the site to how it was when Elvis knew and loved it; enabling visitors to enjoy the tranquility of the site, just as Elvis did, by providing walking trails and other outdoor activities (all with easy access for the disabled). We envisage the inclusion of a small museum and shop, along with a longer-term plan to provide accommodation (perhaps in the form of log cabins around the lake) for short-term vacation lets. We have many ideas….imagine being able to spend your honeymoon at the ranch just like Elvis and Priscilla did or celebrate your anniversary or other special celebrations there.  Gospel concerts in the shade of the cross, BBQ’s and picnics, there are so many fabulous experiences we want you to be able to enjoy for yourself at the Circle G…..and as time goes on and these ideas develop we’ll share them with you here on our website.

 Opportunities.   One of our main objectives is to see the site made available to the disabled and to children and adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to learn about and appreciate the countryside and all it can offer in a safe and stimulating environment.  The ranch would also be a perfect place to offer relaxation and therapy to service veterans too – these are all very important to our plans for the ranch.

We hope you’ll agree that Elvis himself would like what we want to do.

We have always believed that the development of the ranch is an ideal way to  celebrate the heritage and culture of Horn Lake and all its residents – both past and present.  As a part of this celebration of the heritage and culture of the ranch and the surrounding area we have established our Circle G Memory Bank – some of the information we’ve collected can be found on our Memory Bank page – take a look, it’s fascinating.  And we’re adding to our historical archive all the time.

Of course this all depends on the potential new owner(s) but we here at the Foundation will do our utmost to make it clear how beneficial it would be to have fan involvement in the project from the beginning and hopefully on an on-going basis.


We do not actively fundraise in an effort to purchase the ranch.

We do accept donations that are held safely until such time they can be used on the ranch to help with repairs, renovations etc. Anyone who does donate is listed on our Roll of Honour.  We operate under the guidelines laid down for small charities by the UK Charities Commission.

We have to pose the question ‘what if it’s not possible (for whatever reason) to spend the money donated to the Circle G Foundation on the ranch?’ Hopefully this is a situation that will never arise. All contributors are assured right from the beginning that if this is not possible then the funds would be donated to an Elvis related charity in Elvis’ name. A suitable and wholly appropriate solution I hope you’ll agree.  If and when that time comes those who have donated will be asked for their input on what area they would like to see their donation used – only then will a decision be made.

Because we are a non-profit organisation we do have running costs.  We endeavour to keep these costs to a minimum and any Circle G Merchandise we sell helps greatly with this.

If you would like to take a look at our range of Circle G Foundation Merchandise –  you’ll find it on our Store page.


Recognition and Potential.  Considerable numbers of Elvis fans already visit the site in its run down condition and are thrilled just to catch a glimpse of the ranch house, lake, bridge and cross.

Above – picture of the rear of the ranch house

Below – A view of the bridge and cross.

When the ranch is restored we can guarantee increased visitor numbers. The Mississippi Tourist Organization already recognize the site in their literature and web-site and see its potential if developed in the right way.

Encouragement.   We have had encouraging dialogue with the City of Horn Lake and met with the Horn Lake Chamber of Commerce, the DeSoto Museum and the Tupelo Chamber of Commerce.

Historic Significance  Here at The Circle G Foundation we believe that the Circle G Ranch’s historic significance should be recognised.  We are constantly working to achieve this goal through submissions and applications to various preservation organisations, particularly in the US.  We have our own expert in the field of Historic Preservation and we hope to see the CGF involved in any future preservation work on the ranch.

Support from all over the world.   We have a global network of Ambassadors whose roll is to inform and energise Elvis fans the world over so that they can become a part of this exciting adventure.

On our way……..

We have spent over three years working to find an individual or group of people who realize the potential the site holds and have the means to secure the ranch and with the help and support of fans from all over the world will rescue, renovate and restore the ranch to how Elvis knew and loved it.

In January 2014 we were very happy to announce that the Circle G Foundation is now working with a group of sympathetic, serious, experienced professionals who share our vision for the ranch and want to work with us to achieve our goals and secure the future of the Circle G for generations to come.

It is really important that Elvis’ devoted fans, no matter what part of the world they are in, know that the Circle G Foundation is run by dedicated Elvis fans who want to achieve something wonderful in Elvis’ name.

The Circle G Foundation wants each and every one of you to know that YOU can be a part of this.  It doesn’t matter if you live on the other side of the world and may never get the chance to visit the ranch for yourself – we will do what it takes to ensure that YOU can be involved.

If you would like to become a Circle G Ambassador and work in your own country to inform and energise your fellow Elvis fans, we’d love to have you join us – it’s not very involved and you can commit as much or as little time to it as you like.

There are no joining fees – all you need is your computer and the ability to send e-mails – nothing more than that!

Just go to our Contact Page – use the contact form at the bottom of the page and send us a message – and we’ll send you more information.

It’s as simple as that!

So that gives you an idea of who we are and what we are trying to achieve.

But non of this will happen unless YOU get involved.

Thank you to the fans who have allowed us to use their pictures on this website.


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