Roll Of Honour

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. 

Greek Fable Writer 


 This is our Circle G  Foundation Roll of Honour

It will be updated periodically

These individuals and groups have donated to our non-profit organization.

They are listed in no particular order & some are multiple contributors

This is our initial recognition of their generosity

We sincerely hope that in due course we will able to recognize donations at the ranch in a more permanent way.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank  everyone who purchases Circle G Merchandise, buy raffle tickets, attends our events, donations prizes and makes the great and original items of merchandise to raise money for our cause.

You are too numerous to mention individually but please remember that

Your generous contributions are included in our total and we appreciate that very much.

A Stuchbury – UK

L Wilson

J.A Hamilton-White

I Procopio – France

H Morrisey – Ireland

ZMM – Canada

C & R Joshi – UK

E Hahn – Germany

S Harvey – USA

R C Clarke – UK

N Graff – USA

A Falk – Denmark

D Keeney – USA

M Garcia – France

D Brain – UK

A M Swarts – S.Africa

L & T J Benison – UK

D Dunford – UK

D Flowers – USA

A Granger – S Africa

Annon – Denmark

L Strickland – UK

V Thompson – UK

EPG.V  Fan club – Germany

F Clarke – UK

K Duthie – UK

J Morris – USA

Graceland Randers & Danish Fans

P Deluce – UK

S Roguez – France

Members of the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Africa

A Redon – Franch

M. Garcia -France

S Jackson – UK

S O’Brien – UK

R Gartside

C.M. Ramussen – Denmark

M Freeman – UK

S Kirkpatrick – USA

M Heffington – USA

M and H Barrie – UK

C Connor & L Matthews

S & D Sasson – UK

A & J Payhe – UK

N Wingate – UK

Elvis Gospel Fan Club – UK

K. Kivell – Canada



£7,000 GBP.

Approx $11,274 USD


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